Though originally aimed at students of English at the University of Trier, this site has now been extended (and will be extended) to include personal information and a collection of notes on almost anything under the sun. It has also gone ‘bilingual’, with more and more data being provided in German (mostly in Sudelbuch). The result is an electronic rag bag. You can just rummage through it. If you are looking for something particular, here is a short pathfinder:

Rules and Regulations: All sorts of information on technical questions regarding English Studies at the University of Trier, information offered in two batches, for students of the old degree programmes (Rules and Regulations I) and for students of the new degree programmes (Rules and Regulations II).

Studying and Research: Tipps, observations, warnings and some information on less technical questions for students of English

Language and Literature: This is arguably the most interesting section of the site, offering a welter of smaller pieces of information on (mainly) language and (to a lesser extent) literature. The choice is highly subjective but most of the data are backed up by the sources, and much can be used for academic research as well as for general interest.

Life and Leisure: This is the place you want to go to if you are interested in personal information.

Out and About: Travel notes from far and near.

Parerga and Paralipomina: A collection of data, curiosities, thoughts.

At the top on the right, selected quotations and anecdotes appear, with a new one appearing every twenty seconds.

Hope you enjoy your visit.