Welcome to this site. Here you can find some information which is boring but useful and some which is useless but interesting. The choice is all yours. If you just want to get a taste of things, try Trivialities. Most readers like some of it, and some readers like most of it.

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My thanks to Mr Bernhard Wahl, Mr David Schommer and Mr David Philippi, computer-literates, who, at various stages, knocked this into shape. My thanks also to my colleagues who, with the remarkable argument that it contained ‘too much information’, banned this site from the department’s homepage.

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The photos in the row above are of a tea plantation in Malaysia, a view from the balcony of my flat in Trier, a flower seen in Mexico, a winter scene taken during a trip to my home town, a nightly street scene in Santo Domingo and a fountain light show in Barcelona.