Places I remember

I have been a lecturer in the English Department at the University of Trier since 1995.

Before that, I worked as a teacher of English and Spanish at a grammar school in Bielefeld.

Before that, I worked as a teacher of English and German at a language school in Madrid.

Before that, I did my teacher training course at a seminar in Cologne.

Before that, I studied English, Spanish, and History at the University of Münster.

In between, I worked as a foreign language assistant at a school in Matlock, Derbyshire.

Before that, I attended various schools at various places with varying degrees of success.

Before that, I was born in a place “whose name I do not want to remember”…

A special detail of my biography which students particularly enjoy is this: during my school career I once had to repeat a school year, I was not versetzt, because I had grade 5 in two subjects. One of them was Mathematics, the other – needless to say – English.

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