The protagonist of Milkman is not a milkman. Nobody quite knows why he is called Milkman. There is also a real milkman, a character who is gaining protagonism as the story develops. To distinguish him from the other milkman, he is referred to as real milkman. After some dramatic events, in which both milkmen are affected by acts of violence, it is revealed that the first milkman is called milkman because his name is Milkman. First, the narrator is puzzled but then she starts thinking: Butcher‘s a name, Sexton‘s a name. And so is Weaver, Hunter, Roper, Cleaver, Player, Mason, Thatcher, Carver, Wheeler, Planter, Trapper, Teller, Doolittle, Pope and Nunn. Why shouldn‘t Milkman be one? (Burns, Anna: Milkman. London: Faber & Faber, 2018: 304)

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