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Secret code

In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Marlow, in an abandoned hut of reeds by the Congo, finds an English book on seamanship. This is unlikely enough, or so he thinks, but he is even more astonished when he finds the book is … Continue reading

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Marlow sat apart

“Marlow … sat apart, indistinct and silent” (165). This is one of the last sentences in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Marlow has told his mates on board the Nellie, a cruising yawl, about his voyage to Africa, to the “heart … Continue reading

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Good meal

In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Marlow realises that the black people on board are starving. They have only some rotten hippo meat on board but the white people on board, the “Pilgrims”, had thrown much of it overboard. They were … Continue reading

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