Here’s the story: A man has fallen out with his wife and then reconciled himself with her again. He travels back with her from her father’s home, where she has taken refuge, to his own home. On his way, he is looking for a place to spend the night, but finds no accommodation in the town where he stops. Finally, an old man, returning from work, offers his own home as a place to stay. During the night, the house is attacked by a mob of men from the town who bang on the door and want the stranger to come out so that they can abuse him. The stranger, in collusion with his host, refuses to come out and instead, sends out his wife. The men abuse her all night until the day breaks. The woman manages to crawl back to the door step, where she collapses. When the man comes out, he tells her to stand up. When she doesn’t, he realises that she is dead. He takes the corpse, cuts it up into twelve parts and sends the twelve parts to different corners of his country. So where does this story come from? The script of a horror movie? The sick ideas of a psychopath? Neither. A story from the Bible. It is in the book of Judges in the Old Testament.


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