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Der 23. April ist der Welttag des Buches, ein von der UNESCO ausgerufener Tag. Es ist der Feiertag des Schutzpatrons Kataloniens, Sant Jordi. An diesem Tag schenkt man einander traditionell eine Rose (Mann an Frau) oder ein Buch (Frau an … Continue reading

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Roman chimneys

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar there are chimneys, books, doublets, hats and a clock that strikes three. Pope thought the hats were so much out of place that he replaced them by cats. There is also an allusion to the Great … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet

“Where is she, and how doth she, and what says/My concealed lady to our cancelled love?“. Something just sounds slightly wrong in Romeo’s speech here, in the second verse. But this is easily resolved. Shift the stress in concealed from … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s gargantuan vocabulary

Shakespeare uses more words (20,500) than his contemporaries Jonson (19,000) and Middleton (14,000). But these figures can be misleading. He simply wrote more. If one considers the rate at which he uses words he has not used before, he is … Continue reading

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Violence in modern media?

Take this plot: Two men kill another man, rape his bride, cut out her tongue and amputate her hands; her father kills the rapists, cooks them in a pie, and feeds them to their mother, whom he then kills before … Continue reading

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Quoting Ben Jonson?

Most English people could easily quote something from Shakespeare if asked to do so but most would have difficulty coming up with a quote from Ben Jonson. Unlike Shakespeare, Jonson was an intellectual and a scholar. His works are much … Continue reading

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